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Hampton Sheriff’s Office Receives Fifth National Re-Accreditation from ACA
The American Correctional Association (ACA) established a national accreditation process to improve professionalism in the field of corrections for the life, health and safety of inmates. Accreditation is verification that correctional facilities comply with standards through a series of reviews, evaluations, surveys and audits. The Hampton Sheriff’s Office underwent an extensive three-day audit in May by ACA, receiving a 100% rating on 60 ACA mandatory standards and a compliance rating of 97% on 325 non-mandatory standards. Sheriff B.J. Roberts and his staff received their re-accreditation in August at the ACA 2015 Congress of Corrections Conference in Indianapolis. From left: Lieutenant V. Harper (Hampton), Lori Ammons, Chairperson of ACA council, Sheriff, B. J. Roberts, Colonel K. Bowden (Hampton), Michael Dooley, ACA council member, Captain K. Brown (Hampton) and Major S. Rich (Hampton).

Sheriff B.J. Roberts served as the 69th President of the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) from June 2010 to June 2011, making him the first African-American President to serve in this position. During his term as NSA President, Sheriff Roberts had the opportunity to visit various sheriffs in their states throughout the country to learn about the challenges they were facing in their particular states. He worked to advance and protect the legislative goals of the nation’s sheriffs on Capitol Hill and met with officials from both the administration and various federal law enforcement agencies to ensure the concerns of the nation’s sheriffs were being heard and taken into consideration. Sheriff Roberts’ duties included representing all of America’s Sheriffs by advancing NSA’s unified mission of preserving, shielding and protecting communities on critical law enforcement and homeland security issues.

triple crown

Hampton Sheriff’s Office Receives Highest Award, Distinguished “Triple Crown"
On June 23rd, Hampton Sheriff, B.J. Roberts accepted the prestigious “Triple Crown” award at the National Sheriffs Association’s, 2009 Annual Conference held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The Triple Crown Award was established by NSA to recognize those sheriff offices that achieve simultaneous accreditation from The Commission on the Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies; The American Correctional Association’s Commission on Accreditation for Corrections; and, The National Commission on Correctional Healthcare. Achieving these accreditations individually is a daunting task. Earning all three at the same time is an extraordinary feat. In fact, the Triple Crown distinction is so rare, that since the establishment of the award in 1993, fewer than 35 of nearly 3,100 sheriffs’ offices have qualified for the Triple Crown. The Hampton Sheriff’s Office is the newest recipient and will become the 32nd law enforcement agency in the United States to ever receive this award, and only the second in Virginia to achieve such an honor.

The Triple Crown designation recognizes those departments that demonstrate outstanding commitment to public safety, security, well-being of jail inmates and efficient business practices. It represents the department’s acceptance of the obligation to continue the quest for professional excellence and provides stronger defense against lawsuits and citizen complaints. Accreditation boosts morale among employees and staff, and promotes the use of training for employees to do their jobs in the most professional manner possible. Through accreditation, the Sheriff’s Office is able to maintain a balance between protecting the public and providing an environment that safeguards the life, health and safety of staff and inmates.

Pictured above:
Sheriff Roberts accepts Triple Crown award from Sheriff David Goad,
2008-09 NSA President.

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