The Administration Division encompasses many significant units within the Hampton Sheriff’s Office and offers services to the primary operating divisions of the department. Administration incorporates Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, Special Projects and Commissary. The Administration Division also oversees Training, Warehouse, Food Services, Accreditation, and Investigations.


The Human Resource Unit processes all employee applications, which includes testing, performing background investigations and oral interview boards. In addition, personnel in this unit, maintains all employee hours worked and submits Payroll accordingly. Each personnel record contains performance evaluations as well as other pertinent information.  In 2008, the unit managed 187 personnel.

financeThe Finance Unit oversees the day-to-day operation of the budget, and the procurement of materials and supplies for the Hampton Sheriff’s Office. This unit serves as the liaison between the Hampton Sheriff’s Office and the City Finance Department. It is also responsible for coordinating the financial aspect of the Inmate Work Release Program, Work Force Program and the inmate trust.





Hampton Correctional Facility,
135 High Court Lane (757) 727-6760

Hampton Community Corrections Center
1928 W. Pembroke Avenue  (757) 926-2540