Child Identification Program

Deputies participating in the Child Identification program, established by Sheriff Roberts in 1993, have been instrumental in fingerprinting and photographing 1,500 to 2,000 children each year. Sheriff Deputies fingerprinted and photographed more than 1,400 children in 2008 while logging over 250 volunteer hours. Booklets containing safety tips, along with the fingerprints and photographs, are given to parents to add a measure of safety for partents should their child be involved in a situation where fingerprints or in-depth descriptions are needed. The program has been offered at school carnivals, church functions, parades, as well as any number of community non-profit events.

If you are interested in having
an I.D. Your Child event, please call
926-2540 to register.

Hampton Correctional Facility,
135 High Court Lane (757) 727-6760

Hampton Community Corrections Center
1928 W. Pembroke Avenue  (757) 926-2540