Facility Tours

The Hampton Sheriff’s Office offers facility tours to those that would like to have a first-hand view of the correctional element of the criminal justice system. We want to ensure our citizens that we are a strong stakeholder in safeguarding the City of Hampton and surrounding areas.
University students have visited the Hampton Correctional facilities seeking to enhance their curriculum studies with presentations by sheriff deputies covering the daily operations and the duties of a Correctional Officer. Community partners and civic groups have also participated in visits to enhance their knowledge of incarceration and our rehabilitation efforts to decrease recidivism.

Sheriff Deputies make offsite presentations to churches, civic groups, community organizations as well as visiting young people to educate them on the correctional system. Deputies deliver straight-talk messages to groups of young people to help them make good choices and develop good citizenship qualities. Deputies also present students with a better understanding of the consequences of their actions that can lead to incarceration.

Hampton Correctional Facility,
135 High Court Lane (757) 727-6760

Hampton Community Corrections Center
1928 W. Pembroke Avenue  (757) 926-2540