The Hampton Sheriff’s Office received a First Place award for Operation HEATWAVE in recognition of outstanding efforts to Help Eliminate Auto Theft (H.E.A.T.) in Virginia. Operation HEATWAVE is a statewide effort of law enforcement agencies to increase public awareness of HEAT and encourage citizen participation by calling in tips on auto-theft activity (1-800-947-HEAT). HEAT is sponsored by the Virginia State Police in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies. The Hampton Sheriff’s Office carried out HEAT initiatives throughout the year to include displaying preventative measures against auto theft in Hampton businesses, educating new teenage drivers about auto theft, and advising citizens to lock your car -- never leave keys in car, and park in well lighted areas. Photo above is from a Vin Etching event at Neighborhood Night Out at the Hampton Power Plant. Vehicle Identification Numbers are permanently engraved into vehicle windows to prevent thief.

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