911 Cell Phone Bank

The Hampton Sheriff’s Office has begun a community project partnering with the 911 Cell Phone Bank to recycle cell phones. The project helps to protect the environment with the collection of used cell phones. The cell phones are then used to raise funds and provide emergency communications to senior citizens and victims of domestic abuse in our community.

Most of the estimated 140 million cell phones retired annually are stashed away somewhere, gathering dust. Unfortunately, many of these phones find their way to landfills where they can leach hazardous materials into the surrounding environment.

You can drop off your old cell phones at the Hampton Community Corrections Center at 1928 W. Pembroke Avenue or the Hampton Correctional Facility at 135 High Court Lane. For more information call 926-2540.

Hampton Correctional Facility,
135 High Court Lane (757) 727-6760

Hampton Community Corrections Center
1928 W. Pembroke Avenue  (757) 926-2540