Career Opportunities

DEPUTY SHERIFF (Full-time with Benefits and paid training)
In addition to qualifications listed above, successful candidates must be at least 20 years of age, successfully complete a written exam and physical agility test. Salary: to $36,095/yr. with a 4% increase after 1 year.

PART-TIME DEPARTMENT OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE SERVICES (DCJS) CERTIFIED COURTS SECURITY Responsible for the security of all Courts to include protecting the life and property of all judges, court officers, witnesses, jurors, citizens, and inmates.

LPNs - Hampton Sheriff’s Office has several openings for LPNs. LPNs: Graduation from an accredited School of Nursing. Licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the State of Virginia.

• DENTIST – PART-TIME Provide dental health services to the inmate population; supervise the dental hygienists and dental assistants; and interrelate and work effectively with inmates, other members of the dental staff, medical & nursing staff, security staff at all levels, administrative and support staff. Graduate of accredited School of Dentistry or graduate of an accredited university with a DDS or DMD degree. Currently licensed in state of employment and current DEA certification number.  General practice residency and/or previous clinical dental experience preferred. 

• DENTAL ASSISTANT - PART-TIME Assist the dentist during examination and treatment of patients.  Perform certain inter-oral tasks in response to specific instructions from and under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist. Prepare operatory with appropriate instruments & material for the patients scheduled to be seen. Assist dentist during treatment, providing instruments, material, retraction, or suction. Mix & fabricate restorative materials. Sterilize instruments and disinfect. Develop and mount routine radiographs, and much more. High school graduate or equivalent.  Certification by the Dental Assisting National Board preferred.  Certification by the Board of Dental Examiners as a Dental Radiation Technologist preferred.

PART-TIME LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSES (Will not be required to become DCJS certified). 

PART-TIME COMMERCIAL DRIVER’S LICENSED (CDL) BUS DRIVER Must possess a valid Commercial Driver’s License. Will transport Work Release Inmates to their assigned work sites during scheduled blocks of time during the day, evening, and weekends as required.

Applicant Information

• Application Instructions
All questions must be answered completely. If not applicable, please indicate by writing N/A in space provided. If space provided is insufficient for complete answers, or additional information is to be offered, please attach sheets of the same size as the application packet and refer to the question.

Require completed application to the Hampton Sheriffs Office and include the following:

• Authorization for Release of Information (must be notarized!)
• EEO Applicant Information Form (completion is optional)
• Copy of high school diploma or G.E.D. certificate
• Copy of Military Discharge DD214 - member 4 (if applicable)
• Copy of valid drivers license
• Three letters of recommendation, including name, address, and day/evening telephone numbers (persons should not be related to applicant)
• Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles driving record
Any willful omission or misrepresentation of fact on this application may invalidate the application and any appointment to a position with the Hampton Sheriffs Office.
• Criteria for Applicants

● Must be a United States Citizen.
• Be at least 20 years of age.
• Have a high school diploma or GED Equivalency certificate.
• Have a current Virginia drivers license and have no more than a minus 2 (-2) points on driving record.
• Have an Honorable Discharge (if applicant is a veteran of the Armed Forces).
• Successful completion of a physical examination, to include a urinalysis for drug screening.
• Successful completion of a rigorous physical fitness test to include an agility portion.
• Successful completion of a thorough background investigation, including a polygraph examination.
• Successful completion of a written examination (meeting minimum requirements, to include reading, comprehension and math).

Job Requirements:

• Assist in receiving new inmates to include: visual and body searches, showering, issuance of jail clothing and other personal items.
• Maintain cells and premises in a constant state of cleanliness and order, utilizing inmate labor.
• Prepare inmates for court appearances and receive them back into population.
• Maintain constant security of the correctional facility by monitoring and supervising inmate activities and facility operations.
• Supervise the internal movement of inmates, to include visitation and feeding.
• Transport inmates when and where needed.
• Participate in inmate due process and administrative hearings.
• Assist in courtroom security functions.
• Operate office equipment as necessary.
• Perform any other duties as designated by the Sheriff.

Agility Test Requirements:

• 165 lb Weight Drag (30ft distance) in 20 seconds.
• 165 lb Weight Lift and Hold for 60 seconds.
• Handgun Trigger Pull Test (Strong hand) 60 times per hand at 90 seconds each.
• Handgun Trigger Pull Test (Support hand) 12 times per hand at 12 seconds each.
• 1/4 Mile Run (440 yards) in 2:00 minutes.
• 40 Yard Dash 8 seconds.
• Stair Climb, 3 flights (up and down) 40 seconds


• Criminal Record (to include in state (VA), out of state and Federal):
• Charged and/or Conviction of any felony.
• Conviction of any offense involving moral turpitude (i.e.: Larceny, embezzlement, perjury, etc.)
• Conviction of any misdemeanor crime of domestic violence as defined in Title 18 of the Federal Code.
• Charged and/or Conviction of DUI, DWI or any serious driving offenses.
• Conviction of driving with a suspended license.
• Drug Usage:
• Substantiated use or illegal act involving the use of any narcotic, controlled substance, or dangerous drug, as deemed by Federal and/or State law except marijuana or hashish.
• Any use of marijuana and/or hashish within the past twelve (12) months, or after submitting most recent application for the position, whichever is earlier.
• Military Record (if applicable):
• Dishonorable or Bad Conduct Discharge from military service.
• Poor military service records, i.e.: Article 15, AWOLS, etc. (may be considered on a case by case basis)
• Must agree to all conditions of and sign an employment contract requireing reimbursement for training and uniform expenses if conditions are not met.

• Professional Development
The Hampton Sheriffs Office is a member of the Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy. The academy is a full service training facility that provides state mandated entry-level, in-service and specialized training to criminal justice professionals in Southeastern Virginia. Each new deputy in the Hampton Sheriffs Office is required to spend 8 weeks at the academy during his or her first year.

In-House Training
An annual training plan, which is developed, coordinated and supervised by the Training Division, ensures that staff receives relevant training that complies with national, state and local standards, as well as the needs of the Sheriffs Office. The Sheriff strongly encourages continuing education and professional development. Personnel from each division attend seminars and training classes offered by the State Compensation Board, the City of Hampton Human Resources Department, the Virginia Sheriffs Institute and other outside professional training agencies.

Master Deputy Program
The Hampton Sheriffs Office has established the Master Deputy Career Development Program, a recognition and incentive program based upon individual accomplishment and maintenance of specific criteria. The overall purpose of this program is to encourage professionalism by improving personal skills, knowledge and abilities of deputies to meet the Sheriffs Office objectives and to reduce deputy turnover, preventable vehicle accidents, excessive sick leave usage and disciplinary actions. To be eligible for the program, deputies are required to have at least 3 years of service, firearms proficiency and above average performance evaluations. Selection into the program is not considered to be a promotion in rank; however, Master Deputies are awarded additional compensation comparable to a 4-step increase in salary.

Employment Application Forms

These Employment Application Forms can be filled out and printed to your local printer. To move through the fields, use the tab key. Please sign and date your forms prior to mailing them.

• Application for Employment

Application packets may be picked up from the following locations:

Hampton Sheriff's Office, 135 High Court Lane, Hampton, VA 23669;
Hampton Community Corrections Center, 1928 W. Pembroke Avenue, Hampton, VA 23661;
or Hampton Sheriff's Office, 136 Kings Way Hampton, VA 23669. EOE.

Hampton Correctional Facility,
135 High Court Lane (757) 727-6760

Hampton Community Corrections Center
1928 W. Pembroke Avenue  (757) 926-2540